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ICC 2017: New Zealand Vs Bangladesh Live

ICC 2017: New Zealand Vs Bangladesh Live

If England beat Australia then the winner between New Zealand and Bangladesh will go through. But if Australia win, then the two Ashes rivals will progress to the semi-finals.

Both Bangladesh and New Zealand had lost to hosts England while their match against Australia was abandoned due to rain.


0023 hrs IST: That’s it from us for tonight. Thank you all very much for joining us!

2259 hrs IST: And that’s a wrap! Centuries from Shakib Al Hasan and Mohammad Mahmudullah steered Bangladesh to an amazing victory that seemed improbable after they were 33/4 at one point. Now all eyes will be on the England vs. Australia game.

2257 hrs IST: CENTURY FOR MAHMUDULLAH! He brings it up with a four.

2253 hrs IST: WICKET! Shakib is cleaned up by Trent Boult, bringing the curtains down on what was a very fine innings. Job all but done for Bangladesh now.

2251 hrs IST: BACK-TO-BACK FOURS! Shakib wants to finish off the innings in style, it seems. 9 runs needed off 22 balls.

2249 hrs IST: CENTURY FOR SHAKIB! What an amazing knock from the experienced all-rounder. Bangladesh need 17 runs off 24 balls to win.

2244 hrs IST: 26 needed off 30 balls. The game is slipping away from the Blackcaps.

2243 hrs IST: FOUR! Shakib with an excellent hit in the long off area. New Zealand have all but given up at this point.

2240 hrs IST: Only 34 needed in 36 balls. Pretty doable at this point for the Tigers, whose fight back through Shakib and Mahmudullah has been excellent.

2237 hrs IST: FOUR! Mahmudullah places it over the keeper’s head. Excellent batting.

2235 hrs IST: Bangladesh need 41 runs from 42 balls.

2233 hrs IST: FOUR! Shakib creams one through the off side field.

2227 hrs IST: Bangladesh need 51 off 48 balls to win.

22:25 hrs IST: Bangladesh are 130/4 after 28 overs.

22:24 hrs IST: FOUR! Santner’s ball misses everything and it’s four byes. Not that Bangladesh will complain.

20:22 hrs IST: Bangladesh are 120/4 after 27 overs.

22:20 hrs IST: FOUR! Mahmudullah creams Milne through the long on area for a boundary.

22:17 hrs IST: Another good over from Santner, who concedes just two runs. Bangladesh are 111/4 after 26 overs.

22:14 hrs IST: Bangladesh are now 109/4 with half the overs done.

22:12 hrs IST: FOUR! Shakib gets closer to his 50 with another fine shot in the midwicket area that goes to the boundary.

22:10 hrs IST: Bangladesh 104/4 after 24 overs.

22:05 hrs IST: FOUR! Mahmudullah pulls Anderson over fine leg.

22:04 hrs IST: Another tight over from Santner, with only 4 runs coming from it. Bangladesh are 94/4 after 22 overs.

22:00 hrs IST: Decent first over for Corey Anderson; just 5 off it. Bangladesh are 90/4 after 21 overs.

21:57 hrs IST: Good first over for Santner; only 3 off it. Bangladesh are 85/4 after 20 overs.

21:54 hrs IST: Good over for Bangladesh; can they build on this and put up a fight? They are now 82/4 after 19 overs.

21:52 hrs IST: FOUR! Mahmudullah follows that up with a four, putting serious pressure on the bowler.

21:51 hrs IST: SIX! The first maximum of Bangladesh’s innings comes courtesy of Mahmudullah, who charges down and smashes Neesham.

21:49 hrs IST: FOUR! Once again it’s Shakib, waging a lone battle for the Tigers at this point. Bangladesh are 69/4 after 18 overs.

21:45 hrs IST: Tidy over from Neesham.Bangladesh are 63/4 after 17 overs.

21:42 hrs IST: After the 16th over, Bangladesh are 59/4.

21:40 hrs IST!: FOUR! Shakib is looking to get a move on here, now smashing Milne on the leg side.

21:37 hrs IST: FOUR! Shakib ends Neesham’s first over by smashing him for a boundary. Bangladesh are 53/4 after 15 overs.

21:30 hrs IST: Good second over from Milner, just three runs off it. Bangladesh are 47/4 after 14 overs.

21:26 hrs IST: FOUR! Mahmudullah now dispatches Southee to the fence. Bangladesh are 44/4 after 13 overs.

21:23 hrs IST: FOUR! Shakib al Hasan with his first boundary of the game, off Tim Southee’s bowling.

21:21 hrs IST: Bangladesh are now 35/4, and in major trouble.

21:18 hrs IST: WICKET! This was a perfect response by Milne, who cleans up Mushfiqur with a brilliant delivery. Bangladesh are 33/4.

21:17 hrs SIST: FOUR! Mushfiqur hits Adam Milne down the ground for a welcome boundary.

21:15 hrs IST: Bangladesh are 29/3 after 11 overs.

21:07 hrs IST: FOUR! Rahim edges one to slip but is dropped by Taylor and the ball runs away to the boundary.

21:06 hrs IST: Southee is now halfway through his overs. Bangladesh are 20/3 after 9 overs.

21:01 hrs IST: This is clinical bowling from New Zealand’s lead pacers. Bangladesh are 18/3 after 8 overs.

20:57 hrs IST: Yet another good over from Tim Southee, who is having an excellent game. Bangladesh are 15/3 after 7 overs.

2053 hrs IST: Bangladesh are 14/3 after 6 overs.

2048 hrs IST: Wicket-maiden for Tim Southee. Bangladesh are 12/3.

20:45 hrs IST: WICKET! Southee strikes again, this time getting Soumya Sarkar lbw. Bangladesh are 12/3.

20:42 hrs IST: Another excellent over from Trent Boult. Bangladesh are 12/2 after 4 overs.

20:40 hrs IST: New Zealand are bowling well here, looking to attack and take wickets. It’s their best hope of winning this game.

20:32 hrs IST: WICKET! Southee strikes again! Sabbir is caught behind trying to play a beautiful ball outside off stump. Bangladesh are 10/2.

2030 hrs IST: Trent Boult’s first over is a good one, giving just 1 run. Bangladesh are 9/1 after 2 overs.

2025 hrs IST: After an eventful 1st over, Bangladesh are 8/1.

2024 hrs IST: FOUR AGAIN! This time Sabbir plays Southee through the offside field. This has been an action-packed first over.

2024 hrs IST: FOUR! Southee straying down the leg side and Sabbir flicks him off the pad for four.

2023 hrs IST: Sabbir Rehman comes to the crease for the Tigers.

2020 hrs IST: WICKET! Southee traps Tamim Iqbal for a duck. This is just the start NZ needed.

2019 hrs IST: Welcome to the coverage of the 2nd innings. Tim Southee will open the innings for NZ.

19:49 hrs IST: That’s all for now. Join us in a few minutes for the start of the second innings!

19:48 hrs IST: After looking likely to register a target of 300+ comfortably, a middle order collapse means they end the first innings with 265/8.

19:43 hrs IST: With one over to go, NZ are 257/8.

19:42 hrs IST: FOUR! Tim Southee with a boundary, although Bangladesh probably won’t mind that too much.

19:38 hrs IST: WICKET! Mustafizur bowls a superb yorker that goes through Adam Milne’s legs and sends the middle stump flying. NZ are 252/8 after 48.3 overs.

19:35 hrs IST: Bangladesh are keeping it tight towards the end of the innings. Rubel’s over yields 3 runs, and NZ are 250/7 after 48 overs.

19:30 hrs IST: Mortaza ends his spell with another decent over. NZ are 247/7 after 47 overs.

19:28 hrs IST: At this point, even 270 would be a decent target for NZ to set, given their best batters are back in the dressing room.

19:24 hrs IST: WICKET! Neesham charges down the ground but misses the ball completely, leaving himself open to an easy stumping. This is Mosaddek’s 3rd wicket of the match; definitely a game changing spell from him.

19:21 hrs IST: Another tidy over from Mashrafe Mortaza. NZ are 235/6 after 45 overs.

19:17 hrs IST: NZ are 231/6 after 44 overs.

19:12 hrs IST: ANOTHER WICKET! This time it’s the dangerous Corey Anderson who departs for a golden duck. New Zealand are in deep trouble here.

19:10 hrs IST: WICKET! Broom top edges one off Mosaddek’s bowling and Tamim makes no mistake with the catch. NZ are 228/5 after 43.1 overs.

19:08 hrs IST: After 43 overs, NZ are 228/4.
19:07 hrs IST: FOUR AGAIN! This time Neesham plays him down the ground. Is this the final flourish NZ need to get to 300?

19:06 hrs IST: FOUR! Neesham hooks Roubel hard for a much-needed boundary.

19:04 hrs IST: Mosaddek, bowling his first over of the game, starts well. NZ are 216/4 after 42 overs.

19:01 hrs IST: NZ are 211/4 after 41 overs. Anything below 300 will be a welcome sight for Bangladesh.

19:00 hrs IST: FOUR! Good ball from Rubel takes Neesham’s outside edge and goes to the boundary.

18:56 hrs IST: Tidy over from Mustafizur, only 2 runs from it. NZ are 203/4 after 40 overs.

18:52 hrs IST: At the end of the 39th over, NZ are 201/4.

18:50 hrs IST: James Neesham is the new man in for the Blackcaps.

18:48 hrs IST: WICKET! Ross Taylor attempts a slog behind the wicket off Taskin but gives a simple catch to Mustafizur. NZ are 201/4.

18:45 hrs IST: Mustafizur’s 7th over yields 5 runs. NZ are 197/3 after 38 overs.

18:41 hrs IST: After the 37th over, NZ are 192/3.

18:40 hrs IST: FOUR! Taylor now follows suit with a lofted shot down the ground.

18:38 hrs IST: FOUR! Neil Broom is looking to up the ante and hits Taskin for a boundary through the off side.

18:36 hrs IST: Mustafizur’s 6th over goes for only 3 runs. NZ are 181/3 after 36 overs.

18:33 hrs IST: Another tidy over from Taskin. NZ are 178/2 after 35 overs.

18:30 hrs IST: 50 for Taylor! He gets the 37th fifty of his career. He now needs to be around for the last 10 or so overs.

18:29 hrs IST: Shakib’s final over goes for 8. NZ 173/2 after 34 overs.

18:21 hrs IST: Tidy over from Mortaza. Just two runs off it. NZ 166/3 after 33 overs.

18:18 hrs IST: Decent over from Shakib. Seven runs off it. NZ are 164/3 after 32 overs.

18:14 hrs IST: FOUR! Neil Broom, the new man to the crease, gets off the mark with a superb straight drive. NZ are 157/3 after 31 overs.

18:10 hrs IST: WICKET! A bit of confusion left Kane Williamson stranded in the middle of the pitch and Mosaddek’s throw to Shakib Al Hasan gets rid of the skipper. NZ are 152/3 after 30 overs.

18:08 hrs IST: FOUR! Shakib with a rare bad ball pitched outside leg, and Taylor swivels and hits him for a four to bring him closer to a half-century of his own.

18:07 hrs IST: Bangladesh need a wicket, and soon. Mashrafe’s 6th over is a good one and yields only the one run. NZ are 148/2 after 29 overs.

18:02 hrs IST: Given how he’s bowled, surely it’s only a matter of time before Shakib gets a wicket? Another good over for him sees NZ end the 28th over at 147/2.

18:00 hrs IST: New Zealand’s strategy seems to be to hit the bad balls to the boundary, rotate the strike and also conserve wickets to go hard in the final 10 overs. They are 144/2 after 27 overs.

17:56 hrs IST: Shakib, who short of getting a wicket has been solid, bowls another good over. NZ are 138/2 after 26 overs.

17:53 hrs IST: NZ are 134/2 after 25 overs.

17:52 hrs IST: FOUR! Taylor smacks Rubel through the leg side. He will no doubt be looking to get a big score of his own.

17:51 hrs IST: 50 for Kane Williamson! The skipper brings up his half century with a single off Rubel. Can he kick on and make another big score today?

17:47 hrs IST: Shakib’s 5th over goes for only 4 runs. NZ are 126/2 after 24 overs.

17:45 hrs IST: New Zealand end the 23rd over at 122/2.

17:43 hrs IST: FOUR! Williamson drives Mustafizur down the ground to inch closer to his 31st half-century in ODI cricket.

17:42 hrs IST: Shakib continues to keep things tight, giving only 4 runs. NZ are 116/2 after 22 overs.

17:39 hrs IST: Mustafizur pulls things back with an over that only yielded 3 runs. NZ are 112/2 after 21 overs.

17:36 hrs IST: NZ are 109/2 after 20 overs.

17:33 hrs IST: Mustafzur goes for another expensive over; his current economy rate is 8.33. NZ are 105/2 after 19 overs.

17:29 hrs IST: FOUR! Williamson drives Mustafizur through the off side for a boundary. New Zealand are looking to get going once again.

17:28 hrs IST: An expensive over from Shakib which saw him get hit for a boundary by Ross Taylor. NZ are 99/2 after 18 overs.

17:25 hrs IST: Rubel’s 4th over yields only 4 runs. NZ are 91/2 after 17 overs.

17:21 hrs IST: Shakib’s firs over goes for 6 runs. NZ are 87/2 after 16 overs.

17:17 hr IST: Shakib Al Hasan is into the attack.

17:14 hrs IST: Rubel Hossain with another good over. Having gotten just a run off it, NZ are 80/2 after the end of the second powerplay.

17:09 hrs IST: FOUR AGAIN! Ross Taylor ends the 14th over with an exquisite straight drive. NZ are now 79/2.

17:08 hrs IST: FOUR! Ross Taylor gets off the mark with a well-driven shot that goes for 4.

17:04 hrs IST: New Zealand are 70/2 at the end of the 13th over.

17:02 hrs IST: Ross Taylor joins his skipper in the middle.

17:00 hrs IST: WICKET! The dangerous Martin Guptill is given out lbw. Excellent ball from Rubel. NZ are now 69/2.

16:59 hrs IST: FOUR! You knew that would come eventually. Williamson with a well-timed shot through the leg side and he finally ends Bangladesh’s short spell of tight bowling.

16:57 hrs IST: Taskin Ahmed follows it up with another over that yields just one run. NZ are 62/1 after 12 overs.

16:52 hrs IST: Good first over from Rubel. NZ are 61/1 after 11 overs.

16:49 hrs IST: Rubel Hossain to bowl his first over.

16:48 hrs IST: The end of the 10th over sees New Zealand at 60/1.

16:46 hrs IST: FOUR! Kane Williamson is no mood to stop the runs flowing. He hits Taskin for his second four of the game so far.

16:44 hrs IST: Another good over sees NZ steady at 54/1 after 9 overs.

16:40 hrs IST: NZ are 48/1 after 8 overs.

16:35 hrs IST: Kane Williamson is the new man in.

16:34 hrs IST: WICKET! Guptill tries to slog Taskin on the leg side but is caught by Mustafizur at wide mid-on. NZ 46/1 after 7.1 overs.

16:32 hrs IST: Another good over for New Zealand. They are 46/0 after 7 overs.

16:29 hrs IST: FOUR! Short and wide from Mortaza and Guptill rightfully punishes him with a strong shot through the off side.

16:28 hrs IST: New Zealand are 38/0 with 6 overs played.

16:26 hrs IST: FOUR! It’s that man again; Martin Guptill didn’t take long to attack Taskin Ahmed, who’s bowling his first over. The opener looks like he means business today.

16:24 hrs IST: Mortaza’s 3rd over yields 11 runs. New Zealand are getting a move on here, and are 31/0 after 5 overs.

16:19 hrs IST: Guptill is done waiting, and promptly hits Mortaza for a six and a four off consecutive balls.

16:17 hrs IST: FOUR! Mustafizur’s second over – which was going ell – ends with another boundary from Martin Guptill’s bat. NZ are 20/0 after 4 overs.

16:14 hrs IST: Maiden over from Mortaza, who is bowling quite well so far. NZ are 12/0 after 3 overs.

16:10 hrs IST: New Zealand are clearly here to play some attacking cricket, and it showed in the way Guptill went after Mustafizur. New Zealand are 12/0 after 2 overs.

16:07 hrs IST: ANOTHER FOUR! More of the same from Mustafizur, who is bowling too far outside the off stump. Guptill duly punished him.

16:06 hrs IST: FOUR! Mustafizur starts with a wide-ish delivery and Guptill promptly dispatches him to the boundary.

16:05 hrs IST: Good first over for Mortaza, only one from it. NZ are 1/0 after the first over.

16:01 hrs IST: And we’re underway at Cardiff.

15:59 hrs IST: Luke Ronchi and Martin Guptill will open the batting for New Zealand. Skipper Mashrafe Mortaza will take the new ball.

15:49 hrs IST: Here’s something Bangladesh fans will love to see – in their only previous appearance at this venue, they beat Australia by five wickets back in 2005.

15:44 hrs IST: Stat attack – New Zealand and Bangladesh have met before in the Champions Trophy, with the Black Caps recording a 167-run win during the 2002 edition of the competition. Will history repeat itself today?

15:38 hrs IST: Bangladesh XI: Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Sabbir Rahman, Mushfiqur Rahim(w), Shakib Al Hasan, Mahmudullah, Mosaddek Hossain Saikat, Mashrafe Mortaza(c), Taskin Ahmed, Rubel Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman.

15:35 hrs IST: New Zealand XI: Martin Guptill, Luke Ronchi(w), Kane Williamson(c), Ross Taylor, Neil Broom, James Neesham, Corey Anderson, Mitchell Santner, Adam Milne, Tim Southee, Trent Boult.

15:32 hrs IST: New Zealand win toss, choose to bat first.

15:21 hrs IST: Good news. We’ll have the toss in 10 minutes. Play begins at 1600 hrs with no overs lost.

ICC 2017: England Vs New Zealand Live Updates

ICC 2017: England Vs New Zealand Live Updates

There is a lot at stake for both England and New Zealand at Cardiff today England will put their one foot in the semifinals with a second successive win while New Zealand will aim for two full points after rain denied them a crack at Australia and the two teams settled for a point each in a game that produced no-result.


11:11 pm IST: OUT! Liam Plunkett takes his third wicket as Adam Milne is caught for 10. NZ 223/9

11:10 pm IST: New Zealand need 88 runs to win from 6 overs.

11:07 pm IST: Couple of boundaries for the Kiwis. NZ 220/8

11:04 pm IST: That’s the end of Corey Anderson as he is caught in the deep for 10. NZ 211/8

11:01 pm IST: A win today will take England to four points. New Zealand, on the other hand, will have to depend on other results for their possible qualification to the semi-finals.

10:56 pm IST: OUT! Mitchell Santner was completely fooled by Adil Rashid as he was stumped for 1. NZ 205/7

10:52 pm IST: Brilliant drive from Corey Anderson and it’s a boundary! NZ 202/6

10:50 pm IST: England are just four wickets away from securing their semifinal berth. NZ 198/6

10:47 pm IST: New Zealand need 115 runs to win off 66 balls.

10:41 pm IST: OUT! Another wicket goes down as Adil Rashid traps Neil Broom LBW for 11. NZ 194/6

10:35 pm IST: OUT! Jimmy Neesham goes for the big one but is caught in the deep off Liam Plunkett. NZ 191/5

10:27 pm IST: Neesham picks an over-pitched delivery outside off, and deposits it sweetly over the leg-side, for a one-bounce four inches inside the rope. NZ 178/4

10:21 pm IST: 34 overs gone. New Zealand are 171 for the loss of four wickets.

10:18 pm IST: OUT! A horrible shot by Ross Taylor as he departs for 39. ENG 168/4

10:13 pm IST: New Zealand need 148 to win from 17.3 overs.

10:06 pm IST: Neil Broom is the new batsman for New Zealand. NZ 158/3

10:02 pm IST: OUT! Huge wicket for England as Kane Williamson is castled for 87. NZ 158/3

9:59 pm IST: 30 overs gone. New Zealand are 158/2 (Kane Williamson 85*)

9:50 pm IST: 150 comes up for New Zealand in the 28th over.

9:47 pm IST: 27 overs gone. New Zealand are 147 for 2 wickets (Kane Williamson 80*)

9:42 pm IST: Ross Taylor (27*) also joins the party with a four through mid-wicket. NZ 139/2

9:38 pm IST: Kane Williamson pulls it for a four! Can he guide NZ to victory? NZ 130/2

9:35 pm IST: Consecutive 50-plus scores for Kane Williamson in ODIs v England: 93, 118, 90, 50, 50*.

9:32 pm IST: Williamson is picking up pace after his fifty with another boundary. NZ 118/2

9:30 pm IST: This was Kane Williamson’s consecutive fifty against England. NZ 112/2

9:28 pm IST: Easy pickings for Kane Williamson as he slams his fourth boundary. NZ 107/2

9:25 pm IST: DLS has the Kiwis 22 runs behind after 20 overs. NZ 101/2

9:21 pm IST: Kane Williamson brings up his half century in 66 deliveries. NZ 95/2

9:18 pm IST: Kane Williamson (47*) is inching towards his fifty. NZ 91/2

9:14 pm IST: 19 overs gone. New Zealand are 88/2

9:12 pm IST: An extremely weird boundary for Williamson. NZ 84/2

9:10 pm IST: Kane Williamson (36 off 57) is playing a very slow innings and he needs to accelerate if New Zealand wants to chase this total. NZ 80/2

9:08 pm IST: At the end of 17 overs, New Zealand are 73/2

9:05 pm IST: The asking rate is slowly creeping up for New Zealand

9:00 pm IST: After 15 overs New Zealand are 64/2

8:58 pm IST: Players have resumed the game

8:55 pm IST: And it is drinks break

8:52 pm IST: That must have been a hard hit on the side of the helmet for Kane Williamson. That was a lethal delivery from Liam Plunkett.

8:50 pm IST: Ben Stokes has struck for England. Ross Taylor has joined Kane Williamson at the crease

8:48 pm IST: After 14 overs, New Zealand are 64/2

8:45 pm IST: Martin Guptill is OUT! That is a big blow for New Zealand

8:43 pm IST: It has been a very slow innings from New Zealand so far

8:40 pm IST: And it is 12 overs with New Zealand at 47/1 with Kane Williamson and Martin Guptill at the crease

8:35 pm IST: How Jake Ball celebrated the fall of the first wicket

8:30 pm IST: This partnership between Guptill and Williamson is developing well. If they stay on, New Zealand will have a good chance today

8:25 pm IST: 10 overs gone. New Zealand are 40 for the loss of one wicket.

8:20 pm IST: Martin Guptill is dealing in boundaries right now as he gets his thrid one of the innings. NZ 35/1

8:16 pm IST: Another boundary for Guptill as he blasts the ball through the cover region. NZ 22/1

8:13 pm IST: A boundary for Martin Guptill! NZ 17/1

8:02 pm IST: 4 overs gone. New Zealand are 8/1

7:57 pm IST: Good start by the England pacers as they are making the most of the condition. NZ 4/1

7:52 pm IST: Kane Williamson is the new batsman for New Zealand. NZ 1/1

7:50 pm IST: OUT! Jake Ball castles Luke Ronchi for a duck! NZ 1/1

7:47 pm IST: First run of the innings! NZ 1/0

7:45 pm IST: Martin Guptill and Luke Ronchi to open for New Zealand. Jake Ball to bowl the first over.

7:42 pm IST: Play to resume at 3.15 pm local time.

7:33 pm IST: The match between Australia and Bangladesh was also washed out last night. Will this match suffer the same fate?

7:30 pm IST: It’s raining quite hard and the match is delayed due to wet outfield.

7:11 pm IST: There were forecasts of showers later in the day and that will be one big worry for the hosts after posting this mammoth score.

7:01 pm IST: England have posted 300+ totals eleven times in ODIs out of the last 13 innings when they have batted first.

6:59 pm IST: Another brilliant catch by Trent Boult as the England innings comes to an end on 310.

6:56 pm IST: OUT! Mark Wood also departs as Tim Southee picks up his first wicket. ENG 310/9

6:55 pm IST: OUT! Liam Plunkett goes for the big one but is caught in the deep by Tim Southee. ENG 309/8

6:53 pm IST: Fifty-plus scores for Buttler at a strike rate of 100 or more, out of the 18 times he has topped 50 in ODIs. ENG 306/7

6:51 pm IST: A massive six from Liam Plunkett brings up the 300 for England. ENG 300/7

6:47 pm IST: 14th ODI fifty for Jos Buttler. ENG 291/7

6:44 pm IST: Jos Buttler is playing an extremely important innings for England. ENG 285/7

6:40 pm IST: A mammoth six for Jos Buttler who moves on to 46*. ENG 278/7

6:36 pm IST: A slower one from Southee and Jos Buttler gets a much-needed boundary. ENG 267/7

6:29 pm IST: OUT! Mitchell Santner claims his first wicket as he dismisses Adil Rashid for 12. ENG 260/7

6:25 pm IST: 250 comes up for England in 43 overs. ENG 251/6

6:22 pm IST: New Zealand are currently behind on the required over rate. ENG 250/6

6:15 pm IST: OUT! Trent Boult pulls off a good catch as Moeen Ali departs for 12. ENG 230/6

6:13 pm IST: Spoke too soon as Moeen Ali slams it for a six! ENG 230/5

6:12 pm IST: Both batsmen are struggling to find boundaries for England. ENG 221/5

6:09 pm IST: The win-loss head-to-head in the last ten ODIs between England and New Zealand. In ODI world tournaments, though, NZ have won 6 of the last 7

6:02 pm IST: OUT! Ben Stokes falls agonisingly close to his fifty as he is dismissed by Trent Boult. ENG 210/5

5:58 pm IST: 37 overs gone. England are 209 for the loss of 4 wickets.

5:54 pm IST: Ben Stokes moves within inches of his half century. ENG 203/4

5:51 pm IST: 200 comes up for England in the 36th over. ENG 201/4

5:49 pm IST: 35 overs gone. England are 198 for the loss of 4 wickets.

5:43 pm IST: OUT! Corey Anderson strikes again as Joe Root is castled for 64. ENG 188/4

5:39 pm IST: Ben Stokes is looking quite good and it seems that the all-rounders can become the third half-centurion of this innings. ENG 181/3

5:35 pm IST: 32 overs gone. England are 177 for the loss of three wickets.

5:32 pm IST: Wide from Jimmy Neesham and Ben Stokes was on it in a flash as he guides it through the extra-cover boundary. ENG 173/3

5:29 pm IST: New Zealand have fought back well after the initial onslaught. ENG 168/3

5:24 pm IST: 30 overs gone. England are 166 for the loss of 3 wickets.

5:21 pm IST: A close call for Ben Stokes, but the all-rounder was able to reach his crease in time. ENG 162/3

5:18 pm IST: Another decent over for England sees them end the 29th over at 162/3.

5:14 pm IST: England are 156/3 after 28 overs.

5:12 pm IST: Stokes now hits Boult down the ground for four. Eng 154/3.

5:09 pm IST: Ben Stokes pummels Corey Anderson for a six over mid-wicket. Eng 150/3 after 27 overs.

5:03 pm IST: Fifty for Joe Root! ENG 139/3

5:01 pm IST: After an eventful 25th over, England are 135/3.

4:58 pm IST: Corey Anderson snaps up the dangerous Eoin Morgan in his first over. England are 134/3.

4:54 pm IST: Eoin Morgan dispatches Trent Boult to the leg-side boundary. England re 133/2.

4:50 pm IST: England are 126/2 after 26 overs.

4:45 pm IST: New man Eoin Morgan showing some intent, smashing Trent Boult for a boundary. England are 123/2.

4:43 pm IST: Hales is bowled by Milne. England are 119/2.

4:38 pm IST: Hales brings up his 10th ODI half century. England are 111/1.

4:30 pm IST: 100 comes up for England in the 19th over. ENG 103/1

4:25 pm IST: FOUR! Another boundary for Joe Root as he moves into the 30s. ENG 97/1

4:22 pm IST: Second six for Joe Root as he slams it over long-off! ENG 91/1

4:19 pm IST: This has been a disappointing show by the Kiwi bowlers who looked quite formidable against Australia last time. ENG 84/1

4:09 pm IST: 15 overs gone. England are 78 for the loss of one wicket.

4:04 pm IST: A quicker one from Santner and Hales makes no mistake in hitting his first six of the game. ENG 71/1

4:02 pm IST: Alex Hales plays it straight back and the ball was inches away from Santner’s reach. ENG 65/1

3:59 pm IST: Alex Hales is few runs away from his second half century of this tournament. ENG 63/1

3:56 pm IST: Mitchell Santner is introduced into the attack. ENG 58/1

3:53 pm IST: 11 overs gone. England are 56/1 with Alex Hales playing on 36*

3:47 pm IST: Alex Hales is looking quite comfortable even after losing his opening partner. ENG 46/1

3:43 pm IST: 9 overs gone. England are 41 for the loss of one wicket.

3:39 pm IST: OUT! First wicket for New Zealand as Adam Milne castles Jason Roy for 13. ENG 37/1

3:36 pm IST: Jason Roy was quiet for some now and he has also joined the party. A brilliant boundary through long-off. ENG 37/0

3:32 pm IST: The umpires have called a halt to proceedings to observe a national minute’s silence for the victims of the London attack on Saturday.

3:30 pm IST: It has been a near perfect show from Alex Hales till now as he moves to 23* with another boundary. ENG 31/0

3:29 pm IST: New Zealand have won 41 and England 36 in previous 83 one day internationals between the two teams. Two matches ended in a tie while four matches were abandoned due to weather.

3:25 pm IST: 6 overs gone. England are 25 for no loss.

3:20 pm IST: England can guarantee their semis berth if they win this match. For New Zealand, a loss can mean elimination. ENG 23/0

3:15 pm IST: Short one from Trent Boult and Hales hooks it for a six. ENG 22/0

3:10 pm IST: A good start for England as both Jason Roy and Alex Hales look in fine touch. ENG 12/0

3:06 pm IST: Alex Hales also gets his first boundary of the match. ENG 8/0

3:04 pm IST: Wide from Tim Southee and Jason Roy just caresses it to the boundary! ENG 4/0

3:02 pm IST: Alex Hales had a brilliant outing against Bangladesh in their first match. Can he repeat it against the Kiwis?

3:00 pm IST: Good movement from the very first ball. ENG 0/0

2:59 pm IST: Tim Southee to start the bowling for New Zealand.

02:55 pm IST: Both these teams have faced each other twice in ICC Champions Trophy history. New Zealand won by four wickets in the 2009 edition, while England prevailed by 10 runs in 2013.

02:45 pm IST: This is the 84th meeting between England and New Zealand. The Kiwis hold the advantage in their head-to-head, winning 41 games, compared to England’s 36 wins.

2:30 pm IST: New Zealand have won the toss and opted to field. Yet again, there is no Tom Latham in the Kiwis’ line-up today.

2:21 pm IST: The scene at the Cardiff Wales Stadium on match eve was not pleasant. Neither team could have an outdoors training session, with heavy rain confining them indoors throughout. The silver lining to those clouds is that the forecast for Tuesday is better. But the famously fickle English weather could still have a say in how this match ends.

2:09 PM IST: Both England and New Zealand are coming into the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 on the back of series wins, though England beating South Africa will admittedly give it greater confidence than New Zealand got out of beating Bangladesh and Ireland – though admittedly without most of its ODI core.

The last time these two sides met in a 50-over International Cricket Council event, New Zealand inflicted a humiliating eight-wicket defeat upon England in Wellington during the 2015 World Cup.

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